Feng Shui for the Buzzy Beauty Studio

I met the lovely Yvonne at a vendor show, and she came over and gave me lots of great ideas for creating better Feng Shui in the studio. I have implemented a few ideas, and I’m still working on some others.  If you are looking to create more positive energy in your space, ask Yvonne for her expert insight!



Buzzy Beauty Feng Shui

By Yvonne Phillips FSII





Anita helps you to create such lovely inner beauty.  You can’t help but feel wonderful just walking in her entrance way.  She has captured the art of beauty very well.  In order for her to bring on more business, we applied the ancient art of Feng Shui to her business to amp up the prosperity factor.

Here are the following recommendations for Buzzy Beauty:

Outside Entrance

The main door is the mouth of “chi” energy that brings in the wealth & prosperity factor.  My recommendation was to place two tall evergreen plants on each side of the door.  I would also add the tiny white lights to use all of the time to make her door entrance “sparkle.”  It is also a form of protection for your door, think Foo Dogs or Lions stationed at the door.  A new Welcome Mat with red on it activates the chi energy and underneath the mat is the area to place Chinese coins.  Now she will have created the energy to move throughout her photography business.

Seating Area

The seating area is lovely and has enough light to make everyone feel welcomed.  If Anita would continue to change the étagère with the seasons and keep the light on, it will continue to move the energy forward.

Office Area

The Office Area should be cleared, as if you are moving and then resetting all of the space to create fresh energy to her business.  Place important photos in the front space of the desk area to form a great visual as others pass the area.

Wall of Photos

If she changes out the portraits on the wall, it will create new energy to her business.  It can just be as simple as rearrangement of the photographs.


Area of Natural Beauty and Inspiration

The area across from the desk should have everything that makes Anita smile.  It will create a positive image and create a good feeling every time she looks in that area.  It will attract her clients as well.

I added an essential oil aromatherapy diffuser from Melaleuca in front of a favorite photo with some glass trees and a happy plant. I can see it from my desk and it’s very calming and pretty (and smells great!).

The Bathroom

The Bathroom should have some form of bamboo to suppress the big water energy of the room.

Here is some bamboo I added to the bathroom!

Outside Garden

The outside garden area has a lovely koi pond and waterfall.  The recommendation was for her to place some type of mirror in the area to reflect the water inside her studio.  She can be very creative as to the design to fit with in the garden space and also look great from inside her office area.

This is my favorite place at our house. I love our pond so much!

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