Creating a Feng Shui Wealth Jar

I listened to a teleseminar by Yvonne Phillips explaining how to assemble a wealth jar. I loved the idea of performing a kind of “feng shui ritual” of intention to bring more wealth into my life!  I imagine wealth as being not only money, but also a wealth of happiness, great experiences and good health. Being such a visual person, I craved seeing the actual items that one needed to make a jar. I asked Yvonne to come over and help me assemble my jar. She gave me a detailed list of what I needed. I gathered all my items and we had a fun time putting it together and taking pictures of the process!  Here is the list she gave me: (from here on, the words in parentheses are my words.)

Wealth Vase Ingredients

By Yvonne Phillips FSII

PURCHASE Ginger Jar of your choice.

(I guess a ginger jar is just a porcelain jar with a lid. I found mine at Tuesday Morning. It jumped out at me as I walked by:  Life is Good!  It sure is!!)

  1. Gather some earth, preferably from a wealthy person’s home. Now that is not always easy to do, we don’t want you stealing the earth, you need to ask.   Or use earth from a prominent building that you can gather a few handfuls or even a person that you highly respect.

(This one was tricky! I waited until the last minute and felt myself drawn to take a little soil from Mellon Park. The Mellons used to live there- so that counts! I took a sandwich bag and got some dirt from beneath a big, gorgeous tree that was just starting to show little green leaves of spring.  I have taken pictures of many people near this tree, and I love this park, so I felt it had some good earth energy.)


  1. Next ingredients are food that you cook with, but make sure not cooked, you want dry.

Rice-red beans, navy beans, flour, popcorn, any other grain that you may have. Up to 5 of these dry ingredients. (We used pasta, rice and popcorn.)


  1. Next, purchase some semi-precious stones and they can be chips of different colors.   These are not expensive items, just whatever you can find that works for you.  Remember Feng Shui is all about symbols, so if you must create your own, do so.

(I found some good ones at Joann Fabrics!  I was very attracted to these tiny little pretty rocks.  My feeling is that creating a wealth jar is based on choosing items based on how they make you feel.  When I put them in the jar, I thought about each little colorful stone representing beautiful experiences in the future made possible by having enough $ to make them happen- for myself, my family and friends, or even random strangers! I visualized myself being generous and having fun. When I look at this picture of these little stones, I like the idea that they are snug in my wealth jar.)

  1. Next items are:

Find a laughing Buddha or god of wealth or whatever figure that would help you with the intention of bringing this wealth to you.

Place it in the jar facing towards the front that you have marked on the vase, so it sits within the ingredients.

(I found a perfect one on Ebay! He is only about 2 inches tall and was very inexpensive.)


  1. Next items that are needed are called wish full filling jewels of different colors.

(I found these at Joann Fabrics and I felt the same way about these jewels as I did about the stones- I was drawn to them, and they just felt right.  These jewels reminded me of precious, pretty jewelry I will buy for my daughters or granddaughters someday!)


  1. Next look at the coins:

You will need 100 coins and these two are on amazon.  Look for Feng Shui coins and get a few of the coins (3) that have the red thread on them plus 10 emperor coins.

(Throwing in a bunch of coins makes me feel like, oh I have so much money, just throw a bunch of money in this thing. I have more!! I also threw in some Life game money because this $50,000 bill just appeared in my path that day and I thought, how perfect!  These are all symbols.  I love when I play the game of Life and I have piles of cash.  What a great feeling!) 


  1. Small globes– maybe stress relief squeeze balls that are globe replicas.

(I found my perfect little globe on Ebay.  So cute and squooshy- and makes me think about future trips I’d like to take- Morocco, Hawaii, Italy…)


  1. Bags of diamonds.

(Just like the coins!  Oh, I have so many diamonds, just throw some in there!  I found these pretty ones at JoAnn Fabrics.)


  1. Money from the pocket of a rich man. Change currency with them…

(I asked a business connection of mine for change for a dollar, and he didn’t have any coins on him!  Of course. So, I took some coins and asked him to put them in his pocket for a while, then give them back to me. He didn’t even ask why!  This was fun. It made me think, see?  Being wealthy is fun!)


  1. Add any currency from all over the world.

(My daughters have little collections of coins that a friend share with them.  They looked through and picked out their least favorite coins and gave them to me. They didn’t ask why either!)


Now it should be getting pretty filled up at this point, depending on how large of a vase that you have.  Rice can always be the filler for you.



Rich man’s photo– Bill Gates, Mark zukerberg, OPRAH, take them and roll them up like a cigar, roll tightly and place in jar around wealth god.

(I found a great photo of Oprah at a meeting with a bunch of other laughing women. They all looked like they were equal partners and it made me smile because it was the perfect picture to symbolize where I feel my business is going!)


You can also place in their photos, of your dream house, cars, vacation spots.  This is now your living intention jar.


Ok, now it’s filled up -if not, add dry rice. Place a lid on the jar.

The colored fabric (we used tissue paper) represents all the 5 elements: White- metal, Yellow- earth, Red- Fire, Green- wood, Dark blue- water.


These are to wrap the case to symbolize the sealing of the wealth vase.
Place in the wealth area of home. The far left hand corner of a room. Should be enclosed in a closet.




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